Shaun has mastered the art of intuition and will cater to your every like and dislike. When it comes to music choices and announcement details, he offers each couple the chance to customize as much or as little as they would have it. It's your day! 

With his experience in mind, he can offer any insight you may need when it comes to planning your timeline. Weddings can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be. With Shaun by your side, you will have a helping hand who wants your wedding to run smoothly just as much as you do! 

Creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests through music is what having a DJ/Emcee is all about. To be able to kick back and enjoy each other while trusting Shaun to take the reins is something you will be able to appreciate. He also has a funny and friendly way of hosting those wedding games you've pinned on your Pinterest page!